With New Update Passleader Real 1Y0-A16 Test Questions To Pass Exam Easily (11-20)

Why is this the best design for the Provisioning Services farm?

A.    Four Provisioning Services servers, one for each datacenter, will provide high availability. One site should be sufficient for the entire farm because of the small number of vDisks. Auditing should be enabled in order to keep track of actions taken by different administrators.
B.    This design will meet security requirements once it can keep track of all administrative changes to the farm and regional device collections in one site for the farm. High availability will be provided with four servers, which will increase the availability of the virtual desktops.
C.    Four Provisioning Services servers will provide high availability. One site will enable the administrator to create different views to keep track of different vDisks for the virtual desktops in different locations.
D.    Four Provisioning Services servers will provide high availability. The auditing tool will record configuration ‘ actions on components within the Provisioning Services farm to the Provisioning Services database, enabling administrators to troubleshoot and monitor recent changes.

Answer: D

Which three sections should an architect incorporate into the Project Initiation Document (PID) to ensure that the project meets the business and technical requirements of Healthy Helping Hands? (Choose three.)

A.    Risk Log
B.    Stage Plan
C.    Project Scope
D.    Detailed Design
E.    Resource Requirements

Answer: ACE

Scenario: The IT managers at Healthy Helping Hands are looking at a project to expand and upgrade their Citrix environment to meet their current and future business needs. The main business requirement for this project is to provide secure and reliable access to company-owned applications for all the current and future staff, including contractors around the world. Which two issues present a risk to the project and its deadlines based on the assessment document? (Choose two.)

A.    Print jobs intermittently fail
B.    A dispersed user community
C.    Wide range of device types in use
D.    Unpredictable timing and size of acquisitions
E.    External access only through an intermittently failing Secure Gateway

Answer: DE

How should an architect recommend delivery applications to the Manufacturing users at Healthy Helping Hands?

A.    Publish the applications to new PCs.
B.    Publish the applications to their existing devices.
C.    Use XenDesktop to deliver disk-based thin clients.
D.    Publish the applications to new diskless thin clients

Answer: D

Scenario: The IT managers at Healthy Helping Hands are looking into making New York and San Francisco their two principal sites, each capable of failing over to the other. This will be one of the major requirements for the Citrix infrastructure design. Which two backend infrastructure components need improvements in disaster recovery support as part of this project? (Choose two)

A.    HP SAN storage
B.    User Profile server
C.    PositivelyPeople database
D.    Terminal Services license server

Answer: BD

Scenario: As Healthy Helping Hands continues to expand, the demand placed on the current solution will increase significantly. As such, an architect must access the current hardware to indentify constraints against the company’s future growth. Which statement best describes a current hardware constraint?

A.    Hard drive capacity cannot be expanded due to space limitations.
B.    Existing server compressors are not capable of supporting 64-bit architecture.
C.    The existing 1Gbps server NIC speed is insufficient for home user connectivity.
D.    Server memory is at or above the maximum supported by the current hardware and operating system.

Answer: D

Healthy Helping Hands has decided to replace the PCs used by the Customer Service and Manufacturing teams with new thin clients, as the PCs are running operating systems which are no longer covered by extended support. How many of these thin clients will need to be purchased?

A.    50
B.    250
C.    3000
D.    3050

Answer: B

The architect is deciding how to best delivery the Healthy Helping Hands application suite. Based on the information given in the assessment document, which application should be streamed to desktops rather than publish?

A.    Finance application suite
B.    Engineer’s CAD application
C.    Manufacturing ERP application suite
D.    HR PositivelyPeople application suite

Answer: B

Printing security is a key requirement for the Human Resources department of Healthy Helping Hands. Which printing policy setting should be configured to enhance security for the HR department?

A.    All User Printers
B.    Session Printers only
C.    User’s Default Printer only
D.    Local (Non-Network) Printers only

Answer: D

Given the three user types in the Healthy Helping Hands environment, task workers, mobile workers, and knowledge workers, which two user groups would be classified as knowledge workers? (Choose two.)

A.    Sates
B.    Marketing
C.    Engineers
D.    Manufacturing
E.    Customer Service

Answer: BC

With New Update Passleader Real 1Y0-A16 Test Questions To Pass Exam Easily