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You have client computers that run Windows 7 Enterprise. All users have roaming user profiles. You deploy several client computers that run Windows 8 Enterprise. Users who sign in to both the Windows 8 Enterprise computers and the Windows 7 Enterprise computers report that they no longer see their desktop background and their theme. You suspect that the user profiles are corrupt. You need to resolve the profile corruption issue. What should you do?

A.    Move all of the user profiles to a file server that runs Windows Server 2012, and then modify the profile path of each user account.
B.    on the Windows 7 computers, configure the Download roaming profiles on primary computers only Group Policy setting.
C.    on the Windows 8 computers, configure the Set roaming profile path for all users logging onto this computer Group Policy setting.
D.    For each user, set the msDs-PrimaryComputer attribute to use a Windows 8 computer.

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You are a systems administrator for Contoso; Ltd. All client computers run Windows 8 and are members of the contoso.com Active Directory domain. Users log on to their computers by using domain user accounts. Contoso develops an internal line of business (LOB) Windows Store app. You want to deploy the LOB app to the client computers and configure the app to access various resources in the domain. You need to enable all users to run the LOB app and access the required resources from the LOB app. What should you do?

A.    Certify the LOB app with Windows Store.
Ask users to log on to their computers by using a Microsoft Account.
Install the LOB app from Windows Store.
Ask users to log off, and then log back on in by using their domain accounts.
B.    Restart each computer by using WinPE.
From WinPE, copy all of the LOB app executable files in the Program Files folder.
Restart into Windows 8 and ask users to log on by using their domain accounts.
C.    Use the DISM utility to include the LOB app in a new Windows 8 image.
Reimage the computers with the new image.
Join the computers to a new workgroup.
Ask each user to log on to the computer by using a new Microsoft Account that ends with @contoso.com.
D.    Configure the Allow all trusted apps to install policy settings for all computers.
Ask users to log on by using their domain accounts, and then execute a PowerShell script that includes the add- appxpackage cmdlet.