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Drag and Drop Question
You are developing an ASP.NET MVC application that takes customer orders. Orders are restricted to customers with IP addresses based in the United States. You need to implement a custom route handler. How should you implement the route handler? (To answer, drag the appropriate line of code to the correct location or locations. Each line of code may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content.)

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Case Study 1 – Olympic Marathon Runners (QUESTION 61 – QUESTION 71)
For help on how to answer the questions, click the Instuctions button on the question screen.
You are developing an ASP.NET MVC application in Visual Studio 2012 that will be used by Olympic marathon runners to log data about training runs.
Business Requirements
– The application stores date, distance, and duration information about a user’s training runs.
– The user can view, insert, edit, and delete records.
– The application must be optimized for accessibility.
– All times must be displayed in the user’s local time.

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You are developing an ASP.NET MVC application in Visual Studio 2012. The application contains sensitive bank account data. The application contains a helper class named SensitiveData.Helpers.CustomEncryptor.

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Hotspot Question
You are developing an ASP.NET MVC application that has pages for users who browse the site with Windows Phone 7. The pages for Windows Phone 7 include the following files:
– _Layout.WP7.cshtml
– Index.WP7.cshtml
You need to update the application so that it renders the customized files correctly to Windows Phone 7 users. How should you update the Application_Start method? (To answer, select the appropriate option from the drop-down list in the answer area.)