Been Verified Valid 70-485 Premium Practice Tests From PassLeader (1-20)

You are developing a Windows Store app that allows users to compose musical beats and rhythms. The app must meet the following requirements: The app must save the work in progress in case the app suspends or terminates before users save their work. If the app closes before the work is complete, work in progress should be automatically reloaded so that users can continue seamlessly from where they left off. Users should be able to resume work on another device with the app installed, provided that the user supplies the same credentials on both machines. You need to ensure that the app meets the requirements. How should the app save the work in progress?

A.    by storing it in a memory-mapped file
B.    by serializing it to a temporary app store
C.    by serializing it to the roaming app store
D.    by serializing it to the local app store

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