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Case Study 4 – Automotive Manufacturer (QUESTION 38 – QUESTION 42)
You are developing an app for an automotive manufacturer. The app will display information about the vehicle, the vehicle owner’s manual, and the maintenance schedule. The app will be available to install from the Windows Store.
Business Requirements
The app must meet the following business requirements:
– Display the company logo on the Main screen. Owner’s Manual screen, and Service Record screen of the app.
– Allow users to store their vehicle information to identify the correct information to display within the app.
– Prominently display a stock image of the user’s vehicle on the Main screen at the full height of the app.
– Send notifications by using tile updates when a scheduled maintenance is approaching or past due.
– Insert service data in the appropriate locations, and update the Service Record screen with data received from a cloud service.
– Display related media within the app.

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Case Study 1 – Southbridge Videos (QUESTION 1 – QUESTION 15)
Southbridge Video rents and sells video games, movies, and other multimedia content. The company is currently expanding its operations. Southbridge video is developing a Windows Store news reader and social media app. Users will be able to view and interact with news stories that are related to the video game, entertainment, and related industries. Southbridge Video employees will also use the app to manage sales leads, order fulfillment, and customer-service related activities.