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You have a Microsoft SQL Server database that includes two tables named EmployeeBonus and BonusParameters. The tables are defined by using the following Transact-SQL statements:

The tables are used to compute a bonus for each employee. The EmployeeBonus table has a non- null value in either the Quarterly, HalfYearly or Yearly column. This value indicates which type of bonus an employee receives. The BonusParameters table contains one row for each calendar year that stores the amount of bonus money available and a company performance indicator for that year. You need to calculate a bonus for each employee at the end of a calendar year. Which Transact-SQL statement should you use?

CAST(CHOOSE((Quarterly * AvailableBonus * CompanyPerformance)/40, (HalfYearly * AvailableBonus * CompanyPerformance)/20, (Yearly * AvailableBonus * CompanyPerformance)/10) AS money) AS `Bonus’ FROM
EmployeeBonus, BonusParameters
B.    SELECT “Bonus” =
CASE EmployeeBonus
WHEN Quarterly=1 THEN (Quarterly * AvailableBonus * CompanyPerformance)/40 WHEN HalfYearly=1 THEN (HalfYearly * AvailableBonus * CompanyPerformance)/20 WHEN Yearly=1 THEN (Yearly * AvailableBonus * CompanyPerformance)/10 END
FROM EmployeeBonus,BonusParameters
CAST(COALESCE((Quarterly * AvailableBonus * CompanyPerformance)/40, (HalfYearly * AvailableBonus * CompanyPerformance)/20, (Yearly * AvailableBonus * CompanyPerformance)/10) AS money) AS `Bonus’ FROM
EmployeeBonus, BonusParameters
NULLIF(NULLIF((Quarterly * AvailableBonus * CompanyPerformance)/40,(HalfYearly * AvailableBonus * CompanyPerformance)/20),
(Yearly * AvailableBonus * CompanyPerformance)/10) AS `Bonus’ FROM
EmployeeBonus, BonusParameters

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You use Microsoft SQL Server 2012 database to develop a shopping cart application. You need to invoke a table-valued function for each row returned by a query. Which Transact-SQL operator should you use?


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You are developing a database that will contain price information. You need to store the prices that include a fixed precision and a scale of six digits. Which data type should you use?

A.    Float
B.    Money
C.    Smallmoney
D.    Numeric

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