Passleader Latest Sample Questions for IBM C4070-603 Test

Vendor: IBM
Exam Code: C4070-603
Exam Name: System z Solution Sales V6

A System z Sales Specialist is preparing a proposal for a z10 customer for a potential upgrade to zEnterprise system. They need to propose a z196 model with 20% growth to the existing capacity. How can the seller best determine the right model for the customer?

A.    Refer to the MIPS table to find the matching model
B.    Discuss with the customer to find out what is their preferred model
C.    Engage Techline to perform capacity planning on the current machine
D.    Use Sales Plays to find correct model

Answer: C

A customer is considering Linux solution. There are several competitive solutions under consideration. The System z sales specialist is considering System z Solution Edition for Enterprise Linux or an IBM Enterprise Linux Server. Which of the following is included in these offering.?

A.    Predefined hardware, software, services
B.    Predefined hardware, Linux subscription, and Linux services
C.    IBM middleware, Extended Warranty, VMContol
D.    RACF, zAAP , DirMaint

Answer: A

A customer recently ordered a zEnterprise with a zBX. Which of the following is the best action the sales specialist could take to ensure the customer is satisfied with the new zBX?

A.    Propose a Fit For Purpose Study
B.    Schedule an implementation planning meeting
C.    Propose Extended Warranty Contract for the zBX
D.    Propose an Early Ship Program (ESP) for running their AIX applications

Answer: B

A customer requested System z software details and pricing. Which IBM tool would be utilized to configure the software products?

A.    zPCR
B.    zIAW
C.    eConfig
D.    CFSW

Answer: D

Which of the following is a key benefit to customers who deploy zEnterprise compared to other solutions?

A.    Virtualization and hardware management across multiple platforms
B.    A management solution that provides support across multiple x86 hypervisors.
C.    A management solution for the complete mulit-vendor infrastructure within a datacenter.
D.    A hypervisor infrastructure that allows movement of an application online between different architectures.

Answer: A

Passleader Latest Sample Questions for IBM C4070-603 Test