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You have an Azure DNS zone named adatum.com. You need to delegate a subdomain named research.adatum.com to a different DNS server in Azure. What should you do?

A.    Create an PTR record named research in the adatum.com zone.
B.    Create an NS record named research in the adatum.com zone.
C.    Modify the SOA record of adatum.com.
D.    Create an A record named research in the adatum.com zone.

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Your company plans to release a new computer model that uses an NVM Express (NVMe) host controller interface. You have a USB key that is used to start Windows Pre installation Environment (Windows PE). You need to ensure that when you start the new computers from the USB key, the drivers of the NVMe host controller are available. Which command should you run?

A.    dism.exe
B.    oscdimg.exe
C.    copype.cmd
D.    bcdboot.exe

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A penetration tester is performing ARP spoofing against a switch. Which of the following should the penetration tester spoof to get the MOST information?

A.    MAC address of the client.
B.    MAC address of the domain controller.
C.    MAC address of the web server.
D.    MAC address of the gateway.

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When you enable IP source Guard on private VLAN ports, which additional action must you take for IP Source Guard to be effective?

A.    Enable DHCP snooping on the isolated VLAN.
B.    Enable BPDU guard on the isolated VLAN.
C.    Enable BPDU guard on the primary VLAN.
D.    Enable DHCP snooping on the primary VLAN.

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Which description of an edge-core-edge SAN topology is true?

A.    Core switches connect to servers.
B.    Edge switches connect to storage devices and servers.
C.    Core switches connect to storage devices and servers.
D.    Edge switches connect to each other via ISLs.

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Which two options describe the advantages of using DWDM over traditional optical networks? (Choose two.)

A.    Inherent topology flexibility with intelligent chromatic dispersion.
B.    Inherent topology flexibility and service protection provided without penalty through intelligent oversubscription of bandwidth reservation.
C.    Inherent topology flexibility with built-in service protection.
D.    Inherent topology flexibility with a service protection provided through a direct integration with an upper layer protocol.
E.    Ability to expand bandwidth over existing optical infrastructure.