Latest CCNP Voice 642-467 Dumps (86-89)

Which two of the following are considered administrative and database services on a Cisco Unified Presence server? (Choose two.)
A. Cisco Serviceability Reporter
B. Cisco Bulk Provisioning Service
C. Cisco Database Layer Monitor Service
D. Cisco UP Sync Agent
E. Cisco AXL Web Service
F. Cisco Unified Presence XCP
Answer: B,E

When configuring the Cisco IP Phone Messenger feature, a service URL must be defined. What server address should be configured as the host for the Cisco IP Phone Messenger service?
A. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Publisher
B. Cisco Unified Communications TFTP Server
C. Cisco Unified Presence Server
D. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Subscriber
E. Cisco Unity Connection
Answer: C

When troubleshooting a single Cisco Unified Presence user complaint, which tool is the best one to use to start the troubleshooting process?
A. Cisco Unified Real Time Monitoring Tool
B. Cisco Unified Presence System Troubleshooter
C. Cisco Unified Presence Monitoring Tool
D. Cisco Unified Presence Viewer
Answer: D

What is the next logical step in troubleshooting Cisco Unified Presence and Cisco Unified Personal Communicator in a live production environment if the Cisco Unified Presence System Troubleshooter and Server Health Tools do not help resolve the issue?
A. Restart the Cisco Unified Presence server.
B. Restart Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
C. Enable tracing and use Cisco Unified RTMT to review the traces.
D. Uninstall and re-install Cisco Unified Personal Communicator.
E. Reset the Presence Gateway.
Answer: C

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