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PassLeader 840-423 Exam Questions[15]

Which statement about PEST analysis is true?

A.    Political aspects can be identified easily through surveys.
B.    Economic and social implications are relevant only with the public sector.
C.    A PEST analysis allows you to take an independent, outside-in view of factors that impact the customer’s situation.
D.    A PEST analysis often can be related directly to specific findings from the operating process analysis.

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PassLeader 500-205 Exam Questions[15]

Which option describes the purpose of the USB ports on the external connection unit of the NCS 2006?

A.    to charge a USB powered device
B.    to load software via a thumb drive
C.    inventory and monitoring of passive optical devices
D.    multishelf management

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PassLeader 9A0-385 Exam Questions[16]

A small public sector organization needs helps planning the architectural design of its AEM system. The reorganization’s few staff members resist learning new technologies. What is the most important factor for the architect to consider while planning the system design?

A.    Performance
B.    Usability
C.    High Availability
D.    Extensibility
E.    Low Maintenance

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PassLeader M6040-419 Exam Questions[16]

What are two new optional features to focus on when selling the SurePOS 500?

A.    onboard audio
B.    customer display
C.    internal wireless
D.    fingerprint reader

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PassLeader C4040-251 Exam Dumps[16]

Which of the following RAS features, previously available only on POWER 7+ midrange and enterprise systems is now available on POWER8 scale-out servers?

A.    Active Memory Mirroring, which maintains two identical copies of the Power Hypervisor in memory at all times.
B.    A redundant Service Processor with the ability to dynamically fail over from the primary service processor to a secondary for solid service processor fault.
C.    An on-chip controller on the processor module, which handles Power Management and Thermal Monitoring without a need for a separate controller.
D.    Active Memory Sharing, which can be exploited to increase memory utilization on the system by decreasing the system memory requirement.

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PassLeader C2010-658 Exam Dumps[15]

A customer wants a solution that can manage events in near real-time, and the two requirements are to enrich the events with custom data and to correlate events from different sources. Which two products can address these requirements?

A.    IBM Tivoli Netcool Impact
B.    IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus
C.    IBM Tivoli Network Manager
D.    IBM Tivoli System Automation
E.    IBM Tivoli Netcool Performance Management