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A client has purchased a Flex System with a Flex System Manager (FSM) and a p260 node. Which of the following is the most cost-effective procedure to install the VIO server?

A. Engage Lab Services to complete the installation
B. Use the external USB DVD RAM that IBM delivers with a Flex System
C. Copy the VIO ISO images onto the FSM and use the installios command
D. Launch the Remote Control from the FSM and remote mount the VIO ISO images from your workstation

Answer: C

A client has a PureFlex system and needs to upgrade their Flex System V7000 Storage Node. Which interface would be used to accomplish this?

B. BIOS upgrade
C. Chassis Manager
D. Flex Node Interface GUI

Answer: A

The client seeks to reduce cost and complexity in a highly virtualized x86 environment. They want the network policies to migrate automatically along with mobile virtual machines to ensure that security, performance and access remains intact as virtual machines move from server to server. VMware is their virtualization standard. Which option will provide a complete solution?

A. Switches capable to support 802.1 QBG
B. IBM Nexus 1000V on IBM VMready Switches
C. IBM Switch-resident IBM VMready capability
D. IBM Software Defined Networking (SDN) for Virtual

Answer: D

A client has a need for a Linux based solution that requires a large amount of memory. The application runs on either x86 or Power nodes. Which of the following nodes would provide the maximum memory configuration?

A. p460
B. x440
C. p24L
D. x240

Answer: B

A client has a number of Power servers that are virtualized and boot from FC SAN with dual VIO servers. The client is considering consolidation of server and network hardware (LAN and SAN) while maximizing the return on investment by leveraging existing shared FC storage. Which option meets the client requirements?

A. Utilize FCoE to boot the VIO servers
B. Utilize iSCSI to boot the VIO servers
C. Continue to use FC SAN for the VIO servers
D. Use a pair of internal drives to provide for the VIO servers

Answer: A

The IBM Flex System Interoperability Guide is a handy reference document but its information is only as accurate as of its most recent publication date. Where would the technical expert find the latest complete information on supported FCoE configurations?

A. The FC-BB-5 standards documentation
B. IBM Flex System product development
C. Reference IBM’s ServerProven web page
D. IBM System Storage Interoperation Center (SSIC)

Answer: D

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In which master data object do you set the standard values for an operation?

A. Material Master
B. Work Center
C. Routing
D. Production Resource/Tool (PRT)

Answer: C

What features related to process orders can be used to fulfill Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) requirements? (Choose three)

A. Approved master recipes
B. Digital signature
C. Electronic batch record
D. Availability check
E. Resource selection

Answer: ABC

In the SAP ECC system, a material is produced using production orders. The planning table for repetitive manufacturing should be used to plan line loading for this material. On the initial screen of the planning table, you select this material and then receive a message informing you that you cannot use the planning table for this material (see attached screenshot). What could be the reason?

A. There are no planned orders or production orders present.
B. The repetitive manufacturing indicator has been set.
C. There is no valid production version for this material.
D. There are no requirements present.

Answer: C

Which activities lead to a reduction of the capacity requirements for an operation? (Choose three)

A. Rescheduling the operation
B. Posting the goods receipt for the production order
C. Confirming the operation
D. Setting the status technically complete (TECO)
E. Reducing the order quantity

Answer: CDE

Which property applies for consumption with planning strategy 40 (planning with final assembly)?

A. Consumption creates a static and binding assignment between the planned independent requirements and the customer requirements for the entire procurement process.
B. Consumption takes place with the planning material.
C. Consumption can reduce the total originally planned production quantity.
D. Consumption can increase the total originally planned production quantity.

Answer: D

Which of the following elements can be used in a process order? (Choose three)

A. Process instructions
B. Parallel sequences
C. Relationships
D. Suboperations
E. Phases

Answer: ACE

You want to create a new material that – is kept in stock- is externally procured- is used as a component in the bills of material for various final products- must not be sold directly. Which standard SAP material type do you use?

A. NLAG (non-stock material)
B. FERT (finished product)
C. ROH (raw material)
D. HAWA (trading good)

Answer: C

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Your customer needs a ‘Special Exempt’ indicator on ‘Job Attributes’ (Infotype 1610). What do you recommend?

A. Change the data dictionary definition of a standard text field.
B. Change the field attribute on Dialog Database Assignment Table (T777D).
C. Configure the Screen Modification Table (T588M) and set the field as a radio button.
D. Customize the Infotype to add a radio button for the additional field.

Answer: D

Which action is required for using structural authorizations?

A. Configure and run the profile generator.
B. Implement the organizational key.
C. Create and activate authorization objects.
D. Assign authorization profiles to users.

Answer: D

A customer would like to have a batch process to automate the update of the Appraiser (new manager) on the review form based on employees’ transfer. Therefore, a custom program must be developed. Which functionality should be implemented in a custom program to meet this requirement?

A. Update Organizational Unit assignment on the incomplete appraisal form of the transferred employees.
B. Update Appraiser assignment on the incomplete appraisal form of the transferred employees.
C. Release new appraisal form for the transferred employees with the new Organizational Unit assignment.
D. Release new appraisal form for the transferred employees with the new manager assigned as Appraiser.

Answer: B

HR wants to monitor the maintenance of Personal Development (PD) master data. Which methods are available to audit this? (Choose two)

A. Program RPUAUD00 for logged changes to standard infotypes 0001-0999.
B. Log of report starts accessing logical database PCH.
C. Log of report starts accessing logical database PNP.
D. Transaction PPOME for organization structure changes.
E. Program RHDOC_DISPLAY for logged changes to standard infotypes 1000-1999.

Answer: DE

Which areas are used by HCM Processes and Forms? (Choose two)

A. SAP Employee Interaction Center (EIC)
B. SAP Interactive Forms
C. SAP Business Workflow
D. SAP Network Process Integration (PI)

Answer: BC

An organization has the need to reduce their headcount. Therefore they need to identify jobs and positions that have to be retained based on critical business processes. How can you determine what jobs and positions are critical?

A. Execute Complete Job Description (S_AHR_61016501) from Organizational Management Info System.
B. Execute Infotype Reporting (S_AHR_61016532) from Organizational Management Info System using Spec. Position Characteristics (infotype 1958).
C. Execute Profile Matchup (PEPM) from Personnel Development Info System.
D. Execute Complete Position Description (S_AHR_61016511) from Organizational Management Info System.

Answer: B

After having set up structural authorizations, your customer is experiencing slow system response times. How can you improve system response times?

A. Delete all entries of structural authorization indexes and recreate each structural authorization profile.
B. Generate indexes for users assigned to these structural authorizations using RHBAUS00.
C. Increase database storage capacity to better process the complex indexing associated with building and maintaining structural authorizations.
D. Reduce the number of structural authorization profiles to allow fewer users access to the structural authorization objects.

Answer: B

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What is the default delimiter used by the Dojo List Text Box control to display multiple values?

A. Space
B. Comma
C. Semi Colon
D. None, multiple values are always displayed on the same line or wrapped if space is not available.

Answer: D

Some additional server-side JavaScript @Functions have been provided via the Extension Library for presenting messages to users. Which three @Formulas can be used? (Choose three.)

A. @IsError
B. @Prompt
C. @InfoMessage
D. @ErrorMessage
E. @FailureMessage
F. @WarningMessage

Answer: CDF

Samantha would like to use the Search functionality provided in the Application Layout control. What does she need to do to configure search on the Application Layout control in the Properties view?

A. Samantha needs to click on the Place Bar tab, enter “true” for the showSearch property, and select the Page Name for displaying results.
B. Samantha needs to click on the All Properties tab, enter “true” for the showSearch property, and select the Page Name for displaying results.
C. Samantha needs to select the Title Bar tab, select “Show search controls (options dropdown, edit box, and search icon)”, and select the PageName for displaying results.
D. Samantha needs to click on the Search tab, select “Show search controls (options dropdown, edit box, and search icon)”, and select the PageName for displaying results.

Answer: D

Which property should Anne use to allow her users to launch the Name Picker via a link with the label “Select”?

A. Anne should set the value property to “Select”.
B. Anne should set the pickerText property to “Select”.
C. Anne should set the dialogTitle property to “Select”.
D. Anne should set the labelIcon property to “false”. “Select” is the default text that appears if no label icon is used.

Answer: B

Alice is using the Application Layout control in a custom control. She wants to enable drop targets in the left column and middle column only. How would she accomplish this?

A. Alice doesn’t have to do anything. By default all columns are selected and leaving them blank will disable them.
B. Alice should click on the Drop Target tab in the Application Layout control and select the left and middle columns to enable them.
C. Alice should click on the Application Layout All Properties tab and set the left Column and middle Column properties to “true”.
D. Alice should click on the Application Layout tab in the Properties view and select the left column and middle column under “Content area”.

Answer: D

How would the Name Picker control know that the Dojo Name Text Box control allows multiple values?

A. The multiple Separator property is set.
B. The max Values property is set to more than 1.
C. The multiple Separator property is set to “true”.
D. The multiple Values property is set to “true”.

Answer: A

Carl would like to add two action buttons to the bottom of the Form Table control from the Extension Library. How can he accomplish that?

A. Carl should add two button controls to the footer facet inside the Form Table control.
B. Carl should add two action buttons below the final row but inside the Form Table control.
C. Carl should add a Panel control below the Form Table control. Carl can then add two button controls inside the Panel.
D. Carl should add a Panel control to the footer facet of the Form Table control. Carl can then add two button controls inside the Panel.

Answer: D

Which property on the pager Add Rows control defines the number of rows to add to the data View?

A. size
B. numRows
C. addCount
D. rowCount

Answer: D

What does the Navigator control property expandable=”true” do?

A. automatically expands all entries within the Tree Node
B. makes the Navigator control show only the parent levels
C. shows the Navigator parent levels and expands them out one level
D. renders a twisty arrow on all the basic Container Node entries within the Tree Node

Answer: D

Which is true about enabling “Set Partial Execution Mode” and then clicking on the “Select Element” button to specify an id?

A. It allows a developer to execute code only for the specified id and it’s children.
B. It allows a developer to refresh only a portion of the XPage specified by the id.
C. It allows a developer to execute code only for the specified id and it’s children. “Partial Update” cannot be enabled for this to work.
D. It allows a developer to execute code only for the specified id and it’s children. “Partial Update” must also be enabled for this to work.

Answer: A

What is the purpose of Palette Profiles?

A. allows a developer to save colors in a Profile document
B. allows a developer to select colors for the Controls view
C. allows a developer to select which controls appear in the Controls view
D. allows a developer to save settings for the Controls view in a Profile document

Answer: C

How does the option “Run server-based XPages apps directly on server” improve performance?

A. using faster disk drives
B. reducing network traffic
C. using the faster server CPUs
D. having access to large amounts of memory

Answer: B

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When the user creates a maintenance plan for a call object (order), which value in the planning data determines the order type?

A. Priority
B. Maintenance activity type
C. Maintenance planner group
D. Main work center

Answer: C

A maintenance technician replaces a defective counter with a new counter. Before the users can create a standard measuring document for the new counter, what step(s) must they perform?

A. Create a new technical object to represent the new measuring point.
B. Create a special measuring document and set the Counter Replacement indicator.
C. Dismantle the old measuring point and create a new measuring point.
D. Create a new measuring point and change the measuring point from which the measurement reading was transferred.

Answer: B

A user has planned an operation with labor costs and material costs; however, the material cost element is not assigned to a value category. Where do the material costs appear in the value categories for the order?

A. In the overhead value category
B. In a new, automatically created value category
C. In the unassigned value category
D. In the internal activity value category

Answer: C

Which of the following always produces up-to-the-minute costing information for maintenance orders?

A. A standard analysis from the Plant Maintenance Information System (PMIS)
B. A standard query in SAP Net Weaver Business Warehouse
C. A maintenance order list
D. A shift report based on shift notes

Answer: C

Which of the following are prerequisites for business completion? (Choose two)

A. The order must have actual costs.
B. The order must be fully settled.
C. The balance of the order must be zero.
D. The order must have planned costs.

Answer: BC

What information does the value category provide in the maintenance order?

A. The costs details for individual technical objects
B. The costs by work center
C. The material costs by valuation category
D. A summary of costs for multiple cost elements

Answer: D

Which of the following Customizing settings is required to assign a notification to a maintenance order operation?

A. Assignment of operations to all object list entries active
B. Assignment of order type to notification type
C. Maintain indicator for notification data on order header
D. Create default value profiles for general order data

Answer: A

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A Citrix Engineer needs to load balance enrollment requests from Apple iOS devices. The engineer should implement an SSL Offload virtual server using __________ protocol and port __________. (Choose the correct set of options to complete the sentence.)

A. SSL; 443
B. TCP; 443
C. SSL; 8443
D. TCP; 8443

Answer: C

A school has a pool of mobile devices that students use on premises for coursework. How could a Citrix Engineer configure XenMobile Device Manager to warn the user when the device is taken off campus?

A. Deploy a Roaming Configuration policy.
B. Issue a Locate from the Device Security menu.
C. Enable Tracking from the Device Security menu.
D. Set the Geo-fencing options in a Location Services policy.

Answer: D

Which two policies should a Citrix Engineer add to a deployment package to set the status of a user’s device to Out of Compliance and notify the engineer whenever a user installs a blacklisted application on an enrolled device? (Choose two.)

A. App Lock
B. Restriction
C. Automated Actions
D. Applications Access

Answer: CD

Which two settings could a Citrix Engineer configure during Express Setup on the App Controller console? (Choose two.)

A. License file
B. NTP Server
C. DNS Servers
D. HA Peer address

Answer: BC

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to provide users with remote access to SaaS applications managed by XenMobile. Users will access the applications on their mobile devices through Worx Home. Which two options should the engineer configure in the session profile on the NetScaler?
(Choose two.)

B. Clientless Access ON
D. Single Sign-on to Web Applications DISABLED

Answer: AB

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer is working in a XenMobile proof-of-concept environment, which has a single-hop DMZ. The engineer needs to integrate XenMobile Device Manager with XenMobile App Controller for internal testing purposes. Which two requirements must the engineer ensure are met in order to successfully configure this environment? (Choose two.)

A. The Device Manager must be able to resolve the App Controller’s Host Name.
B. The App Controller root certificate must be installed on the Device Manager server.
C. Ports 80 and 443 must be opened between the Device Manager and the App Controller.
D. Both the Device Manager and the App Controller must be located on the same network subnet.

Answer: AC

Scenario:StoreFront is implemented as part of a XenMobile solution. Users in the environment currently rely on HTML5 Receiver because Citrix Receiver is NOT installed on their workstations. How could a Citrix Engineer present Web/SaaS applications to these users based on the scenario?

A. Enable StoreFront to aggregate App Controller apps.
B. Add the App Controller server to StoreFront as a Delivery Controller.
C. Enable the ‘Require app installation’ option in the Web/SaaS application properties.
D. Add the StoreFront Legacy support URL to the Windows Apps Configuration on the App Controller.

Answer: B

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