Microsoft 70-680 Configure Hardware And Applications Exam Questions (41-50)

A user wants to install the games included with Windows 7 on his PC. They were not installed by default.
Windows components can be added or removed using which of the following in Windows 7.

A. Click the Start Bar, Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, and click Windows Components. B. Click the Start Bar, Control Panel, Programs, then click Turn Windows features on or off.
C. Click the Start Bar, Settings, Windows Control Center.
D. Right-click the “My Computer” icon, Choose Properties, Choose Computer Management, on the left pane choose Add Remove Windows Components.
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IBM 000-782 Exam Dumps

Exam Name: IBM PureFlex Systems Sales V2

A technical specialist requires additional post sale implementation support beyond what is contained in a PureFlex Enterprise foundation. Which of the following will provide the additional
implementation support?

A. Engage ATS
B. Engage local CTS
C. Purchase a Lab Services contract
D. Convert the order to a Flex System
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