What’s Requirement of IT Certification as well as Kinds of IT Certifications?

The majority of it might be simplest thought which of these times from the PRODUCT poor occasions, purchasing THIS certification doesn’t realize. You may difficult end up being significantly more significantly incorrect! The THIS poor occasions is usually a transitory, transitive degree, it’ll most likely get away, your own recognized accreditation may carry on all of which supply big advantage inside your complicated work.
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Premier Certification from Cisco

As a Cisco Premier Certified Partner HillSouth demonstrates a range of technical expertise. To achieve Cisco Premier Certification HillSouth was required to achieve the Cisco Express Foundation Specialization. This specialization includes tests on technical competency in the integration of basic routing and switching, wireless LANs, and security technologies. In addition, HillSouth was required to integrate a base level of Cisco Lifecycle Services into their offerings and demonstrate measurably high levels of customer satisfaction based on independently audited customer satisfaction surveys.
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Integrating Cisco Unified Communications Applications – CCVP 642-467

Refer to the exhibit. When users try to access the voice-mail system, they hear a fast busy tone. In which two ways does the configuration need to be modified in order to allow calls to reach Cisco Unity Express? (Choose two)
A.The dial peer needs to be POTS dial peer and needs to use a fully qualified E.164 number.
B.The command dtmf-relay sip-notify needs to be added to the dial peer.
C.The vad statement needs to be removed.
D.The command session protocol sipv2 needs to be added to the dial peer.
E.The codec type statement needs to be removed.
F.The command codec transparent needs to be added to the dial peer.
Answer: BD
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