(FIREWALL v2.0): 642-618 Exam


642-618 Questions & Answers

Exam Code: 642-618

Exam Name: Deploying Cisco ASA Firewall Solutions (FIREWALL v2.0)

Updated: Jan 2, 2012

Q & A: 139 Q&As

Which statement about Cisco ASA multicast routing support is true?

A.  The Cisco ASA appliance supports PIM dense mode, sparse mode, and BIDIR-PIM.
B.  The Cisco ASA appliance supports only stub multicast routing by forwarding IGMP messages from
multicast receivers to the upstream multicast router.
C.  The Cisco ASA appliance supports DVMRP and PIM.
D.  The Cisco ASA appliance supports either stub multicast routing or PIM, but both cannot be enabled
at the same time.
E.  The Cisco ASA appliance supports only IGMP v1.

Answer: D

LAB Question Intro – Scenario – Topo
This is a Hot Area – select the correct areas to click on
This item contains a simulation task. Refer to the scenario and topology before you start. When
you are ready, open the Topology window and click the required device to open the GUI window
on a virtual terminal. Scroll to view all parts of the Cisco ASDM screens.

Click the PC icon to launch Cisco ASDM. You have access to a Cisco ASA 5505 via Cisco ASDM.
Use Cisco ASDM to edit the Cisco ASA 5505 configurations to enable Advanced HTTP
Application inspection by completing the following tasks:

1. Enable HTTP inspection globally on the Cisco ASA
2. Create a new HTTP inspect Map named: http-inspect-map to:

A. Enable the dropping of any HTTP connections that encounter HTTP protocol
B. Enable the dropping and logging of any HTTP connections when the content
type in the HTTP response does not match one of the MIME types in the accept
filed of the HTTP request

Note: In the simulation, you will not be able to test the HTTP inspection policy after you complete
your configuration. Not all Cisco ASDM screens are fully functional.

After you complete the configuration, you do not need to save the running configuration to the
start-up config, you will not be able to test the HTTP inspection policy that is created after you
complete your configuration. Also not all the ASDM screens are filly functional.

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