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An XYZ Corporation systems engineer, while making a sales call on the ABC Corporation
headquarters, tried to access the XYZ sales demonstration folder to transfer a demonstration via
FTP from an ABC conference room behind the firewall. The engineer could not reach XYZ
through the remote-access VPN tunnel. From home the previous day, however, the engineer did
connect to the XYZ sales demonstration folder and transferred the demonstration via IPsec over
DSL.To get the connection to work and transfer the demonstration, what should the engineer do?
A. Change the MTU size on the IPsec client to account for the change from DSL to cable
B. Enable the local LAN access option on the IPsec client.
C. Enable the IPsec over TCP option on the IPsec client.
D. Enable the clientless SSL VPN option on the PC.
Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit.

While troubleshooting a remote-access application, a new NOC engineer received the logging
message that is shown in the exhibit.
Which configuration is most likely to be mismatched?
A. IKE configuration
B. extended authentication configuration
C. IPsec configuration
D. digital certificate configuration
Answer: C

When attempting to tunnel FTP traffic through a stateful firewall that might be performing NAT or
PAT, which type of VPN tunneling should you use to allow the VPN traffic through the stateful
A. clientless SSL VPN
B. IPsec over TCP
C. smart tunnel
D. SSL VPN plug-ins
Answer: B

The software-based Cisco IPsec VPN Client solution uses bidirectional authentication, in which
the client authenticates the Cisco ASA, and the Cisco ASA authenticates the user. Which three
methods are software-based Cisco IPsec VPN Client to Cisco ASA authentication methods?
(Choose three.)
A. Unified Client Certificate authentication
B. Secure Unit authentication
C. Hybrid authentication
D. Certificate authentication
E. Group authentication
Answer: C,D,E

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You are finding that the 802.1X-configured ports are going into the error-disable state. Which
command will show you the reason why the port is in the error-disable state, and which command
will automatically be re-enabled after a specific amount of time? (Choose two.)

A.  show error-disable status
B.  show error-disable recovery
C.  show error-disable flap-status
D.  error-disable recovery cause security-violation
E.  error-disable recovery cause dot1x
F.  error-disable recovery cause l2ptguard

Answer: BD

Your company has a requirement that if security is compromised on phase 1 of a Diffie-Hellman
key exchange that a secondary option will strengthen the security on the IPsec tunnel. What
should you implement to ensure a higher degree of key material security?

A.  Diffie-Hellman Phase II ESP
B.  PFS Group 5
C.  Transform-set SHA-256
D.  XAUTH with AAA authentication
E.  Diffie-Hellman Group 5 Phase I

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