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11.Which one of the following CLI commands displays the controller configuration in a way that is similar
to the way that it is shown on Cisco IOS routers?
A. show run-config
B. show config
C. show run config
D. show running-config
Answer: D
12. Observe the following attacks, which two does Management Frame Protection help to mitigate?
(Choose two.)
A. War Driving
B. Man-in-the-Middle
C. Eavesdropping
D. Denial of Service
Answer: B D
13. Which device(s) will Lightweight access points send control traffic to?
A. The Wireless Control System.
B. Other access points.
C. The Wireless Controller.
D. Lightweight access points don’t send control traffic.
Answer: C

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Question: 1
What is the function of class-based marking?
A. Marking packets based onCoS value, IP precedence value, or DSCP value allows Layer 3 frames to be identified
and distinguished from other packets.
B. Marking frames based only onCoS value or IP precedence value allows Layer 2 frames to be identified and
distinguished from other frames.
C. Marking packets or frames sets information in the Layer 2 and Layer 3 headers of a packet so that the packet or
frame can be identified and distinguished from other packets or frames.
D. Marking frames only sets information in the Layer 2 headers of a frame so that the frame can be identified and
distinguished from other packets or frames.
Answer: A
Question: 2
Voice packets are arriving at a destination with a variance of between 20 and 50 ms. If the jitter buffer has a
capacity of 30 ms, what is the impact on the audio at the receiving IP phone?
A. The jitter buffer will replay the previous voice packets to replace those packets that exceed 30msto avoid speech
B. The audio stream at the receiving IP phone will be delayed and garbled.
C. The DSP will automatically increase the jitter buffer size after sampling the range of incoming voice packets to
accommodate the wider range in variation of voice packet arrival times to avoid voice gaps.
D. The IP phone will negotiate, in mid-call, a lower bandwidth codec to reduce the delay in the arrival of voice
packets to avoid voice gaps.
Answer: B

Question: 5
How does LLO ensure that voice traffic is always expedited?
A. LLO adds a strict priority class to CBWFO. This class allows delay-sensitive data such as voice to Bede queued
and sent first.
B. LLO uses CBWFO to prioritize voice traffic adequate the voice packets so that they can be handled first.
C. The strict priority queue has a higher weight than the queues in CBWFO. This weight allows the delay-sensitive
data such as voice to Bede queued and sent first.
D. The LLO strict priority queue allows delay-sensitive data such as voice to Bede queued and sent first (before
packets in other queues are dequeued), giving delay-sensitive data preferential treatment over other traffic.

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When Cisco Extension Mobility is implemented, how is the audio source for the MOH selected?
A. The audio source that is configured at the user device profile is selected.
B. The audio source that is configured at the home phone of the user is selected.
C. The audio source that is configured at the physical phone used for the Cisco Extension Mobility
login is selected.
D. The audio source that is configured in the IP Voice Media Streaming parameters is selected.
Answer: A
In what Cisco solution is Simple Network-Enabled Auto Provision technology used?
A. Cisco Unified Gateway Duplication
B. Cisco UnifiedCallManager Redundancy
C. Cisco Unified SRST
D. Cisco Unified Call Survivability
Answer: A

Which method can be used to address variable-length dial plans?
A. Overlap sending and receiving.
B. Add a prefix for all calls that are longer than 10-digits long
C. Use nested translation patterns to eliminate inter-digit timeout
D. Use the @macro on the route pattern
E. Use MGCP gateways, which supportvariable-length dial plans
Answer: D

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CCNP 642-637 Exam

CertLead Securing Networks with Cisco Routers and Switches (SECURE v1.0) will help the candidates pass the Securing Networks with Cisco Routers and Switches (SECURE v1.0) and get the Cisco Certification easily. It is proven to be helpful to most candidates. With this test set, candidates can go further on their Cisco career path.Questions:

You are troubleshooting a problem for which end users are reporting connectivity issues. Your network has been configured with Layer 2 protection controls. You have determined that the DHCP snooping database is correct and that proper static addressing maps have been configured. Which of these should be your next step in troubleshooting this problem?
A. Generate a proxy ARP request and verify that the DHCP database has been updated as expected. B. Temporarily disable DHCP snooping and test connectivity again. C. Clear the ARP tables and have end users release and renew their DHCP-learned addressing. D. Use a protocol analyzer to determine if there are malformed DHCP or ARP packets.
Answer: D
You are finding that the 802.1X-configured ports are going into the error-disable state. Which command will show you the reason why the port is in the error-disable state, and which command will automatically be re-enabled after a specific amount of time? (Choose two.)
A. show error-disable status B. show error-disable recovery C. show error-disable flap-status D. error-disable recovery cause security-violation E. error-disable recovery cause dot1x F. error-disable recovery cause l2ptguard
Answer: BD

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